I started to work on this 'project' after i began to write a roman a clef story about a spy who infiltrates a sprawling suburb and begins to control it. The idea in the story is that no one really knows if citizen trouser is real, but the repercussions of the idea of him are seen everywhere. The Idea evolved because my mental state was such that i didn't want to paint about myself, but feared a lack of honesty in the work, but in painting story elements of an unwritten character it gave me freedom to do something detached from myself, more confident, nonsensical. As my interest in the written story waxes and wanes, I have evolved the paintings to encompass myself. It's aim is as a sprawling project that I intend to use to go back and forward into abstract fiction and psychoanalytical staging, and also back and forward in my use of paint, form, line and imagery. It is essentially a theme without a theme. Which I hope will break down my inhibitions and try to merge the different phases into one.