At the beginning of this project these paintings were directly inspired by Miles Davis' 'Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud' recordings (once described as "the loneliest trumpet sound you will ever hear"). The current four paintings also incorporate different recording takes of the same songs and the same songs played through different types of stereo system in order to gain a difference perspective including being listened to underwater. The idea was to try and capture the light play, energy and movement of the live jazz, the sombre nature of the music and also project the emotional impact that the music has on me personally.

The second phase of the project moves from exclusively Miles Davis into a more open field of music, trying to transport the elements of abstraction to other genres and musicians. Ordinance-survey-map style key marking, raw movement and impulse mark making in ink and paint lay out an emotional impression of the music, gained by obsessive listening and re-expressed in several raw smatterings of output.