There are two basic elements. Order and Disorder.

When "i" am in order, the painting, decoration and construction are disordered. The work flows and I can paint with colour, construct clay, sew and draw with a relative level of inhibition. This previously has always been the goal, to paint with as little inhibition as possible because honesty is always the point that i aim for when i create anything.

however, whenever "i" am in a state of Disorder, the level of honesty becomes problematic, especially when i am trying to continue a painting or object that has begun in the other state, effectively making the work dishonest and unsatisfactory. The acceptance of these two different states requires that i examine the abilities that i possess while in a state of disorder. These abilities are not lacking in imagination or execution, but possess a totally different tonal and aesthetic discipline. The abilities are more centred in repetition, in images, motifs and tonal language. Essentially in Order.