The theme over these new paintings is about the integration of matter and sound. As in the nature of sound coming back through water, over grass, in sunshine and the emotional response invoked. The machines that do it in reverse. Capturing sound into matter. Making sound waves into a solid form such a vinyl or magnetic tapes. This being the over riding theme of the work, and the elements of language, is also moving with autobiographical narrative and my emotional response to music and literature as I work. I took lots of colour influence from LA bands, or bands with a similar feel at the start of the series, as it continues It will probably change. As the project has progressed the musical influence has moved to a mixture of east and west coast bands from the 1970's until the late 90's. An important literary difference has moved from 1910 -90's american literature to 14th century poetry (which isn't as pretentious as it sounds, but these things do make a difference to style and subject matter).