I found an interest in drawing at a young age after being inspired by the illustrations of Quentin Blake and Tove Jansson and after seeing Picasso's "The Three Dancers", began painting.

In 2008 I began working with potter Richard Godfrey at his workshop in Devon.

I graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2010 and was awarded the Ben Hartley Prize for my final degree show work (Through trees). My work currently resides in personal and corporate collections internationally.

I started my own pottery studio in 2016.


It is a sort of madness how when you become scared of going outside, how you forget life exists. I very much live in a bubble. People, regular people, are the strangest breed. The mustard shoes was sent to me by someone. There’s a life existing there. Two intersections // that formed a point. a baffling absurdity. But when you are almost house bound you forget these things exist. Films and tv become your reference for life. So you have a mundane life of furniture, bottles and numbness and an intersection of fantasy, excitement, violence and sex.